A Comparative Review of the 10 Best Platforms for 8 Ball Pool


The ever-favourite game of 8 Ball Pool has a cue ball with 15 numbered balls on a game deck with six pockets. Other game variants are ten-ball, nine-ball, seven-ball, one-pocket, straight, and bank pool. However, the 8 ball pool has gained the ultimate fame. Immensely popular among youngsters, the game is a complete vibe, helping everyone spend the best of their time. 

It had been played over the pool table for a long time, but for adequate reasons and ultimate convenience, 8 ball pool game is now part of the internet sensation. There are multiple platforms hosting the game for real players, with attractive benefits and great prizes. Here is a list of the 10 best online 8 ball pool platforms, along with their reviews, that will help you experience the maximum magnitude of the game.  

Best 10 Platforms To Play 8 Ball Pool Online 

The game of 8 ball pool is fun and engaging but comes with its own challenges. Modern technology lets one join any 8 ball pool tournament online and show off their skills in the best way possible. To help you with great fun experiences, here is a list of the 10 best 8 ball pool platforms online to serve your best interests. 

1- Big Cash 

With Big Cash, you can experience the 8 ball pool game like never before. Here you can compete with real players and win real cash prizes. The platform is 100% safe and has a dedicated customer care support team to help you with your queries. Once you are part of the 8 ball pool game, experience the best with daily free tournaments, big bonuses and instant deposits in your account. Most importantly, Big Cash 8 ball pool app lets you withdraw the wiings on the go. You can continue with direct back transfers or transit the money to your Paytm wallet. 

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2- GetMega

Over the GetMega platform, you can learn, play and earn cash prizes from 8 ball pool games simultaneously. Here, one has to begin by verifying themselves and then only they can participate in the games. Also, one gets to play against every level of players and multiple tournaments, which will help them win real cash. 

3- MPL

The MPL platform lets you take a chance in one-on-one battles and win cash prizes on the go. Also, the platform offers free special tournaments, which help with bonuses and consecutive prizes. You must use your skills to win the most games and maintain an individual gaming record with maximum wins. That will help you earn real money in no time. The MPL platform is compatible with multiple payment methods, making deposit and withdrawal transactions easy. 

4- Winzo

At Winzo, you get to play 100 games along with the 8 Ball Pool online. A simple gaming interface, great wiings and seamless withdrawals are the main attractions of the platform. Winzo has tie-ups with reputable payment partners, making it much easier to withdraw your wiing prizes. Also, additional levels of fraud detection safeguard the platform from suspicious players providing a great gaming atmosphere.

5- Miniclip

Miniclip has developed various games as an international game and digital entertainment company. However, it is their 8 ball pool game that most people are attracted to. The curated games have a monthly reach of  400 million and keep growing. Also, available in-app version, you can continue the 8 ball pool download by Miniclip on your Android or iOS device and continue playing with Legends. This will help refine your skills and gradually become the best. 

6- Coolmath

Operating in the gaming sector for nearly a decade, the Coolmath gaming platform claims to be a brain training site for people of all ages. Here, you have logic and thinking meeting the idea of fun and games. 8 ball pool is another fun-filled yet highly fulfilling game creation of them. Like always, as a player, you will be dealing with solids and stripes, trying to win the game. The games are all intended to help kids and learning adults with adequate mental stimulation based on multiple challenges.    

7- Gameforge

Gameforge is a multi-disciplinary gaming platform for kids and like-minded people who want to indulge in simple games. Here you can play 8 ball pool with friends for free. Gameforge makes the game available as an HTML variant, eliminating all chances for users to download the same. Other than 8 ball pool, the platform has a huge variety of puzzles, shotting, shark and sports games that one will surely find attracted to.    

8- Gameflare 

If you intend to participate in a pool game without continuing with 8 ball pool download, then Gameflare is the platform for you. The 8 ball pool game developed by Gameflare has a simple interface with ultimate gaming elements that you can easily toggle through. Besides the pool game, you can also participate in action games, sports, formula games, sea games and more here.   

9- Crazy Games

Whether you are plaing to win against someone or continue solo, Crazy Games has a fun-filled 8-ball pool gaming experience for you to enjoy. Available in multiple languages the platform makes for quite an interesting choice. Also, here you have different versions of pool games other than the conventional 8-ball pool option.  

10- Billipool – Ball Shooting

If you want to indulge in the game of 8-ball pool over realistic 3D effects and real physics, get started with the Billipool gaming platform. A simple interface, easy-to-navigate settings and realistic wins will help you get through. Available in-app version, the Billipool platform also has other games like Arrow Master and Marble Shooting for the audiences to enjoy.    

A Comparative Review of The 10 Best 8 Ball Pool Platforms Online  

Now that you are familiar with the 10 best online 8-ball pool platforms, let’s help you with a comparative review. This will encourage easy choices; in the end, you can continue with the ones that serve the best purpose. In the list, some of the games are available in their app and website versions. Some offer real money as wiing prizes, and others are solely developed to help you with a fun experience. 

All the mentioned platforms abide by the regular rules and regulations of the 8-ball pool game. However, the end prize varies from one to the other. Based on the latter part, you can make a thoughtful choice and be a part of either one or multiple platforms at a time. Owing to the fact that online gaming will expose you to a not-so-regular world of the internet, make sure to be mindful of every move you make. 

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Tips To Help You Win The Online Game Of 8 Ball Pool 

Here are some essential tips and tricks of 8 ball pool to win the game every time you choose to play. 


  • Understand the basic rules of 8 ball pool. Know how to start the game to pocket at least one group ball. It is important to learn the right scoring techniques. 
  • Learn how to break the triangle. Either use the full-back or topspin techniques for the best results.
  • Save yourself from committing fouls. In this case, you can start by learning the essential terms of the game and then use those to play along.
  • n

Remember, everyone starts as a begier and slowly evolves into the best player in a particular game. The same rule applies to you as well.  

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The goal of the 8 Ball Pool game is to pocket all seven balls allotted to you and your team as fast as possible without committing a foul. The overall rules of 8 Ball Pool game, along with the regulations attached, make it a great choice to bond with friends and family. Moreover, now you have the online versions of this game available with a twist. You can coect with international and national players at your convenience or play solo. Topping the list, you have Big Cash, offering a comprehensive gaming experience. Whether you are a begier or a pro, the platform has all the essential elements serving your best interests. 

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