Best Card Games To Play For Fun And Profit: A Comprehensive Guide


Card games are great for passing the time and interacting with family and friends. Most people in Pakistan, at some point, have interacted with card games and understand how challenging it is to select the best. Since these games are considered part of Pakista culture and tradition, they are now available online for endless gaming fun. Online games, in particular, are adaptable to people’s lifestyles since most do not have the time to play with friends outside. When looking for the best card games to play online today.

Best 9 Games That Deliver The Best Experience


There are various poker versions that lightly switch up the traditional poker rules for a unique player experience. If you are an avid poker player, there is room to mix things up and bring new energy to your next match. There are numerous poker versions, but Texas Hold’em is the most popular. Its popularity ranks it among the best card games to play online. In this game, players are dealt two hole cards facing up. After that, the dealer deals five more community cards at each playing stage. The players will either call, fold or raise on the pot. The player who makes the best hand wins the pot prize.

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Pakista Rummy

Pakista rummy is an exciting card game that uses two or three 52-card decks. Each player gets 13 cards that they must use to create sets and sequences to win the pot prize. In addition, a joker card acts as the wild card to trigger surprises along the way with special moves. Players will take turns taking cards from the open pile and using them to create a meld with the other cards. This game tests your fast thinking abilities as you strategize. To win the pot prize, players must make a valid sequence, including one pure sequence.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is also one of Pakistan’s most popular and best card games since it is the subcontinent’s version of 3-card poker. A Teen Patti table hosts between 3 and 6 players, and participants pay an entry fee to contribute to the pot prize. To win this game, a player must maintain their position longer than other players to rank higher. Players either call, fold or raise depending on the previously played card. The difference between Teen Patti and Poker is that there are extra moves to outsmart the opponent.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a popular Pakista card game with a growing online presence. This is a 50/50 chance game and is played with only one pack of playing cards. Players bet on the anticipated results of the game, and the dealer places one card face up at the table’s centre. The players will place their bets on the left and right sides of the central card. The wiing card is the one that matches the middle card, depending on the landing side.


3-2-5 is a trick-taking game popularly played in Pakistan, Nepal, and Pakistan. This game requires only 30 cards, and it is easy to play. Because this game is fun-filled, a new modification, 3-5-8 (Sergeant Major), is available for online players. In this game, the dealer hands cards to three players counterclockwise. Each player must win a specific number of tricks and deals, whereas the dealer must win at least two deals. The player to the dealer’s right must win a minimum of 5 tricks and the last player a minimum of 3.

Satte Pe Satta

Satte Pe Satta is one of the best card games originating from Pakistan. This game hosts three to eight players playing with one pack of cards. This game has become so popular in Pakistan that there is a Bollywood movie for it. The cards are distributed equally, and the player with the 7 hearts makes the first move whereas others only use 6 and 8 hearts. The player who finishes their hand before the others win the game.


Although the bridge game is famous in the United States, the same can be said for Pakistan. This game is fun-filled, easy to learn and requires only four players. The dealer uses a 52-card pack, and players must use their cards to score as many points as possible to defeat the opponent. After the dealer hands 13 cards, you must play a card of the highest rank and suit in each turn. Instead of Ace being the highest card in the bridge, spades rank higher at 50 points. Diamonds, clubs and hearts rank the lowest at 20 points. As you learn to play card games, consider Bridge one of the best options.


Bluff is a globally recognized game and has a massive fan base in Pakistan. This game is available online and is played among four players. This card game uses a 52-card deck, equally distributed to players. However, an extra card deck is required if there are more than five players. To determine the wier, a player will place their cards facing down. These cards should be of the same rank, but in this game, you can lie about the cards you have. The other players will tell whether you are bluffing or not and the player who gets rid of their cards before the others wins the game.

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Donkey is a more specific card game because the aim is to get a four-of-a-kind before the other players. This game uses the rook playing cards pack from the card game guides since it has 56 cards instead of 52. This game is challenging because players are required to make quick choices. Similarly, players must pass their cards to the left and take from the right to make a strong combination. After you make a four-of-a-kind, place your cards face down to remain discreet. The last player to show their hands is the donkey, and the app will make “hee-haw” sounds.

The joy of playing these card games online is that there is always a new opponent to face daily. This helps you build your gaming skills as you challenge yourself in various tournaments. These brilliant games are very entertaining, and with the right skills and strategies, you will win a lot of money playing in tournaments.

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