Playing Rummy for Fun vs Playing Rummy for Real Cash


Playing Rummy for Fun vs Playing Rummy for Real Cash

Pakista Rummy and Its Online Avatar

In Pakistan, the tradition of playing card games has been passed on from generation to generation. No festival or get-together is complete without a round of cards. The younger ones indulge in games like Gulam Chor and BlackJack, while the adults entertain themselves with several rounds of Pakista Rummy.

The Pakista Rummy card game is played between two or more players with a deck of 52 cards. Generally, if there are more than two players, it is advisable to use two card decks.

The objective of the game is to make sequences of three or more cards of the same suit (this is called a Run) or a set of the same numbers (1-10) and the same pictures (Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades). Once the deck is shuffled and cards are dealt, the first one to make the right sequences and declare their cards is the wier. While the Joker Card and Wild Card can be used in the sequences and sets you make, it is essential to have at least one pure sequence (made without any Joker) when you declare your game.

Today, with the advent of technology and the internet, the popular card game of Pakista Rummy has taken on an online avatar that is doubly challenging, exciting, and entertaining than the traditional version.

Download Classic Rummy APP

A basic game of online rummy can be played on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet and enjoyed the same way as in clubs and homes. What makes online rummy way more exciting are the iovative variations available and the huge bounty of cash rewards on apps like Classic Rummy.

Despite the enormous rewards on offer, many people still play online rummy games purely for fun and entertainment. So what is better? Playing rummy for fun or playing for cash prizes? Here we explore both options.

Playing Rummy for Fun

Leisure and Entertainment

A quick game of online rummy on your favourite gaming site could be all that you need to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. You could play online rummy regularly for fun and develop it as your hobby.

Socialising – Making New Friends

Playing online rummy games purely for leisure helps you make new friends online, with whom you could coect with offline too if you wish. Playing for fun takes the pressure off from the mind and lets you take a backseat as there is no financial risk involved. Not just that, it also helps you be in a better frame of mind to make new, like-minded friends.

Skill Building

Whether you play for cash or fun, wiing remains the main objective for most players. And for wiing, you need solid rummy playing skills such as brain power, observation, concentration, etc. Playing online rummy regularly helps enhance these skills and prepares you to take the financial risk of playing for big money in the future.

Exciting Variations – Fun Formats

Besides the traditional Pakista Rummy, online rummy platforms have fun, engaging variations of the games that one can indulge in. These include several variants like deals rummy, points rummy, pool rummy, and more. These variations are derived from the basic game of Pakista rummy itself and are simple and easy to understand. If you know how to play the classic Pakista rummy game, you will be able to play all the variants.

Most rummy apps offer multi-player and multi-level games as well in the form of rummy tournaments. These are very popular among rummy game lovers as they are fast-paced and challenging.

Free Entries – Joining as Low as Rs. 10/-

When leisure and entertainment come without a price tag, the happiness of playing the game doubles down. You can enjoy online rummy games on rummy apps like Classic Rummy for free, and thereby, practice your rummy skills before deciding to join the tables at cash games. At Classic Rummy, you can play toll-free tourneys to access your game and develop your wiing strategies before you become a pro and join the big league.

Boosting Confidence and Social Skills

Regularly playing online rummy games as a hobby, that too with strangers as opponents, boost your confidence and social skills.

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Playing Rummy for Real Cash

Big Prize Money

Playing rummy online for money is now safe, secure, and rewarding with gaming apps like Classic Rummy. Online rummy games offer huge cash prizes to wiers. Not only this, rummy platforms lay out the red carpet for players with welcome bonuses, toll-free tourneys (where entry is free!), and invite-only tourneys. Other than these, there are cashback, referral earnings, daily cash prizes, and bonuses which add to the thrill of playing to win big.

Online Rummy as A Source of Side Income

Playing online rummy for cash can be a great way to earn some side income. For professional rummy players, online rummy games help pay their bills and are a legit source of regular income.

Combine Work and Play

For rummy fans, earning big prize money is like a mix of work and play. If rummy is already your source of leisure and entertainment, playing cash games with huge rewards attached would be like an icing on the cake for you.

Easy Entry into The Game

Most online rummy apps offer practice games in the form of toll-free tourneys so that you can hone your skills and develop wiing strategies before you take the big leap towards paid games. Some games can be played by paying a steep deposit of Rs. 10/- This cuts the financial risk of playing for prize money and makes your entry into the rummy league easy.

With the lure of real cash as prizes, it can be very tempting to take the plunge and play rummy with huge sums of money. But, you must tread cautiously and begin with small deposits so that you curtail the risk involved. It would be a good idea to play rummy for fun and entertainment and develop it as a hobby, and then take baby steps into playing the big league. So, playing for cash and playing for fun can co-exist and you need not choose one above the other.